Where Individuals Profit Together: Introducing WhaleMaker

One of the most disruptive technologies that have managed to take the global economy by storm is the blockchain network. Together with its transformative concept of decentralization and transparency in the financial market, blockchain is poised to incentivize several early investors in the crypto sphere with hefty gains.

However, even the blockchain is beset with a few vital problems for retail investors and new projects.

The general trajectory for fundraising makes it difficult for investors to get in on early presales to be able to gain higher returns, with the bottom-floor prices remaining available only to a specific class of venture capitalists and high-end investors. Secondly, new blockchain projects can face different levels of difficulty accessing both capital and community to back up their project early on.

Where WhaleMaker Fits In

WhaleMaker intends to solve the common but neglected problems of blockchain finance by providing access to new crypto project presales and a dedicated launchpad with access to capital for startups.

WhaleMakers Membership Tiers

How it Works

What makes Whale different?

Besides, the private sales at WhaleMaker encompass projects launching across Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain, unlike other players in the market that do not offer such diversity. Whale token holders not only get the best chance of maximizing ROI early due to early access to presales but also benefit from the community in terms of access to capital and launch advisory via a social financing model.

Join Together. Become the Whale. A Fundraising Platform for Massive ROI.